Welcome to Stepping Stones Children's Center.

We are a state licensed facility for children ages 6 wks to 10 years. We are open Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 6pm. We offer preschool enrichment, daycare (including preschool), before and after school programs, and a structured summer program/camp. These programs are specifically designed to allow each child to discover more about themselves and the world around them.

It is our philosophy at Stepping Stones Children's Center that children learn best through discovery. Children learn when they are manipulating their environment, making discoveries, and integrating the knowledge gained into their daily lives. We believe that by offering a wide variety of activities and a large base of exposure, children will grow and learn in a positive way. Students will learn to be successful through the tasks they accomplish and their individual self-esteem will continue to grow. Early school years are so important in developing a love for learning. We offer children that positive environment needed to foster this development.

Our school day consists of a correct balance of teacher directed and child directed activities including: free play, circle time, learning centers, small group learning focus, art, science, math, dramatic play, cooking projects, music and dance, gross motor games, computers, and many others. See our daily schedule for a breakdown of your child's day.

Our themes are primarily followed weekly, but the curriculum is flexible so if there is continued interest, we will spend more time. We also have “Letter of the Week” (we spend two weeks on each letter). Each week's letter is integrated into the curriculum in many ways. Children are also encouraged to participate in “Sharing ”, which entails bringing something from home to share about in circle time. This object needs to have something to do with either our theme or Letter of the Week. The practice of bringing a familiar item from home helps make an abstract concept like “letters” seem more concrete to children. Read more about this in our Policies.

We have many special events that take place over the year. We plan and carry out field trips coinciding with our theme of study. We also celebrate special holiday events including a Halloween Carnival, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Play, Easter Egg Hunt, Mother's Day Tea, Father's Day BBQ, and the End of Summer BBQ and Drama Production. We will also have opportunities throughout the year to provide community service. School is meaningful when there is a sense of community. We encourage parents to get to know one another and become involved. There are always opportunities to volunteer. At this time we will be able to offer extracurricular activities such as dance, karate, music and soccer instruction on site.

Watch for newsletters and other correspondence coming home on a weekly basis. It is our goal to keep you well informed of upcoming events.

Thank you for choosing Stepping Stones Children's Center. Our wonderful teachers are anxious to begin teaching your child. Their education and experience make our center a unique, safe, and wonderful place for young children to learn and grow.